End of week 1: begin cravings

I’ve been having a hard time the past few days. My cravings are crazy and I feel like I was actually doing better when I was able to eat a little sugar, dairy and grains. I honestly have begun to question whether this is worth it! Maybe it’s because we had a hard weekend with a sick baby or my sleep hasn’t quite been adequate. I feel like my moods are all over the map (almost like they would be with sugar). What gives? I think the first week was easier because I was needing that cleanse, but now… How have I been coping? Quite honestly, not very well. I’ve eaten more nut butter than I care to disclose – my crutch that I need to go without. Dried fruits, too. I need to eat fewer of them. I find myself really wanting that bite of chocolate after my toddler gets out of bed for the 3rd time in a row and I’m getting annoyed with having to traipse up and down the stairs to tuck him in. I am going to try to re-wire these cravings into something positive: do dishes or clean up rather than head for the cupboard. I have been jumping in the shower after tucking Liam in to try to get out of the grazing before bedtime habit.

One of the biggest temptations of this Whole32 has been to not get on the scale. I’m going to admit that I didn’t win this one. It was kind of accidental, but I had to get Ansel’s weight for Tylenol dosing purposes, so I had to step on the scale with him and then without him to get his measurement. I found that I have dropped a few pounds from when I started this Whole32…but not as much as I’d like. I need to not be discouraged because I know the scale can lie. But still. No more scale and no more cravings!

But one thing to help with the craving if you’ve got it bad for chocolate like me: warm up quarter cup coconut milk and add 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa. Mix and drink…yum!


The best laid plans…

I try to plan our meals for the week on the weekend when I have Luc around to distract the boys. That way I can at least mostly wrap my head around trying to get things to balance: meats, veggies, no repeats within the last few weeks. It is a big job, and one I frankly tire of sometimes. But my family and I appreciate the thought that goes into the preparation when we’re sitting at the table. The advanced work also helps during a busy week. Who wants to come home from work deciding what to make for dinner that night,  much less have to stop at the store to pick something up? While I go some weeks planning one meal at a time, that usually ends up in lots of extra trips to the co-op. This is fine on occasion but not how I ideally operate.

Sunday morning I sat down with my cookbooks and paged through the recipes. I keep a collection of recipes from the Internet, magazines, etc. in a 3-ring binder which I’ve divided into sections: beef/lamb, poultry, pork, seafood, salads & soups, and baked goods/treats. I find it easiest to start planning with my protein, then fill in with veggies. I try to pick a variety of protein sources for the week so that we’re not eating beef for three nights in a row. Also, I plan for a higher-carb dinner on the nights that Luc lifts weights: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. While all of this may seem rigid, it can actually be helpful in planning to give my week a framework.

After I’ve picked my recipes, I sit down with my grocery list and make sure I have everything I need for my dinners. I don’t really plan breakfasts or lunches, since these are usually just leftovers from dinner. Easy! Yesterday I was doing my monthly discount trip, so I had to take extra time to check the pantry, fridge, and freezer for things that we often buy (more on this later). All told, it probably took me about an hour to do all of these things. Now I was ready to shop.