This is my Whole32. Maybe you’ve heard of the Whole30 program before. If you haven’t, you should read Dallas and Melissa Hartwig’s book, It Starts With Food. Basically, the Whole30 is 30 days of culinary transformation. Eat no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar, and no alcohol for 30 days, and by the end of your month you should be feeling pretty darn good. I’ve done this strict 30 day thing once before with good results. Though I try to “eat Paleo” most of the time, lately I’ve been feeling cravings for sugar and grains creep into my days…and worse, I’ve been succumbing to those cravings on a fairly regular basis. Last night I made a special Valentine’s Day treat: gluten-free chocolate-caramel brownies (with ice cream). It was delicious, but at the end of my bowl I literally felt like vomiting. It was just too much!

I’ve also been feeling rather abysmal about my postpartum figure for some time now. It has felt nearly impossible to get back into pre-pregnancy shape since having our second child eight and a half months ago. I have lots of dubiously valid excuses as to why this is: I’m still nursing, I’m still getting up in the middle of the night – several times – so my sleep is all messed up, I’m just getting older, etc. I’ve been trying to help myself by working with a trainer two days a week and getting back into working out at home at least once in addition to that. But the fact remains that the closest I’ve come to my goal weight is just after I got over a bout with the norovirus after New Year’s. Sadly, I have now regained those 5 pounds lost!

So here I am, trying to do something about it. And hoping that I can help you, too, if you are also trying out this Whole30 thing. Oh, and why am I doing a Whole32? Because I’ll be 32 next month, and so it seemed appropriate. Plus, the domain “mywhole30” was already used…

What I plan to do is document here what I’m eating (including recipes or links to them) and how I’m feeling. This then can be used as a resource for someone who is hoping to try their own Whole30 and may also be a platform for support. I’m also hoping that by making this public, I will have some built-in accountability so that I don’t break my promise to myself. So here we go, everyone! I’m starting my Whole32.


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